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After a hiatus from playing, we got together one night and I (as Dungeon Master) placed the players into a situation where I didn’t have a solution on how they could become free. In the Dungeons & Dragons game, our friends, Terry, Chad, and Chad’s dog, Hemper, were placed in a giant levitating crystal ball. I placed Mike (as Hitlow) and myself (as The Eradicator) in another crystal ball within visual range of the other ball… The players were pretty clever and figured out ways to escape…

(maximum verbosity on)
The evil wizard, Hitlow, awoke and found that he was no longer where he last recalled being. He found himself trapped inside a large crystal ball suspended some 20 or 30 feet above the ground inside a huge cavern. A slight noise alerted his attention to the fact that he was not alone. Inside the crystal ball with him was a man wearing extremely flexible leather armor that was pitch black except for an insignia in white on his chest. The insignia was that of a skull above two arms crossed at the wrist with the hands balled up into fists. Only the man’s cold eyes could be seen. He knew this man from previous endeavors… The man was a known assassin whom they called “The Eradicator”.

Hitlow seemed to recall that him and The Eradicator had last parted on bad terms.. He was immediately suspicious that the assassin may have him targeted for the sizeable bounty that had been placed on his head… He fondly remembered flying over a town on an enlarged bird and attacking it. His fireballs had rained down destruction as he shouted the praises of Merrika to the heathens below. He giggled insanely to himself as he thought of the joy of destruction in the name of Merrika.

He also noted that there was another huge crystal ball suspended in the air a few dozen feet from the ball in which he was trapped. There were two men and a dog inside of the other ball and all three of them looked disoriented and quite perplexed. As he peered upwards into the darkness of the mammoth cavern, he could see no ropes or any mechanisms holding the balls in place.

Hitlow felt paranoid and unstable and began looking about anxiously for a way out. Seeing the danger in Hitlow’s eyes, The Eradicator cleared his throat and began speaking slowly and calmly. He offered a truce to Hitlow. The assassin claimed to have no knowledge of how he had gotten there and wisely advised that combining their forces against any common enemy would be more advantageous than fighting each other to the death. Hitlow thought outloud about casting a magic spell of fireball to shatter the ball… He told the assassin to stand clear because he wanted out of this prison immediately!

“Wait!!!” yelled The Eradicator, fearing instant death. A noise could be heard… It didn’t sound human.. It was the low wailing of a dog! Hitlow looked across the way to the other crystal ball. The two humans were encouraging the dog to howl. They were all three howling, but the dog was clearly the loudest. The crystal ball in which the howling three resided began to vibrate from the noise. Finally, the ball shattered and they fell to the ground below dodging and shielding themselves from the falling crystal!

The Eradicator began frantically looking through his belongings while keeping an eye on the disturbed wizard, Hitlow. Hitlow started pacing back and forth. He could wait no longer… He didn’t trust The Eradicator and he needed out of there!! He yelled “Look out, Eradicator!” The wizard produced some bat guano from a hidden area in the sleeve of his robe. Quickly rolling it into a ball, he threw it with all of his strength at the top of the crystal ball and cast the spell of Fireball.

Due to the intensity of his focus and desire, the spell took on tremendous force. Just before the ball of bat guano exploded into a huge ball of fire, The Eradicator found the item for which he had been searching. He quickly slipped on a ring of fire protection and covered his ears as a massive concussive force exploded about him. The crystal ball shattered and the intensity was so great that pieces of the crystal became liquified.

The Eradicator used his expert agility to land on the cave floor without taking much damage, but he was still in danger! Large chunks of flaming crystal were falling all about him. Like a ninja, the assassin went through a series of body twists and jumps to avoid taking damage from the falling shards of glass and liquified crystal. Even he could not avoid it all, and he suffered some minor scrapes. If not for the ring of fire protection, he would have been dead!

Hitlow was injured. He had been staring up at where he had thrown the bat guano when the crystal ball exploded. He took some severe damage from the falling glass and pieces of the liquified crystal had somehow attached to his face. He was laying face up. A small pool of blood had formed from his wounds. His robes were smoking. His entire body hurt and his head was pounding.

He was able to move his right arm and hand. He carefully reached into a satchel and pulled out a small corked bottle. He pulled the cork out with his teeth and spat it in the air. He quaffed the potion of healing and closed his eyes as he felt the charge of it instantly repairing some of the damage to his fragile frame. He sat up and clawed at the burnt crystal attached to his face… It was really stuck on there! After taking so much damage in the fall, he couldn’t afford to take any drastic measures to remove it from his face. At least he could see, so he would have to worry about his appearance later…

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