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 22 Sep 2007 @ 1:29 PM 

cassettetapeMike was always fond of pranks.

He also seemed to end up with a lot of cassette tapes of music from various people in his car… At least half of the time, he couldn’t remember if someone had left the tape in his car or if he had borrowed it from someone..

I would occassionally look around his car for any of my cassettes and always seemed to find at least one.. It seemed like he had multiple copies of The Beastie Boys tape ‘Licensed to Ill’ on loan from me at all times… Smile

I was never really sure what happened to the tapes that weren’t mine after I saw them.. I figured the owner probably claimed them at some point like I did… However, I got a clue as to the fate of some of the tapes one summer afternoon when we left a friend’s house near campus.

I had found a cassette in his car of some lame music and asked him what he was doing with it in his car. I don’t remember what the band or singer was.. It was someone that I considered un-playworthy though. If I was telling this story to our old friend, Rich, I would claim that it was Bryan Adams (heh heh.. Rich hated Bryan Adams).

When confronted, Mike shrugged his shoulders and claimed to not know who had left it in his car or how it had gotten there. He smiled a silly grin and cracked open the cassette case and carefully pulled out the tape spool inside…

He tied the loose end of the tape spool to his car antennae. When we got onto the highway, he tossed the other end with all of the tape out of the window!

We laughed for a couple of miles as the tape unwound into a huge streamer of thin cassette tape behind us…!


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