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 06 Apr 2008 @ 5:33 PM 

vhstapeOnce upon a time, Mike, Rich, and me were waiting on a friend in a residential neighborhood. It was around 10pm or so and pretty dark. While looking for some music in the back of his Chevy Citation X-11, Mike found a VHS tape. I think it was a bad copy of The Wall by Pink Floyd…

He decided that it would be a neat idea to use the tape to build a spider web between two street signs at the entrance to a side-street. I argued against the idea and almost had Rich on my side on the grounds that it would be a sin against Pink Floyd… Mike was persuasive, though and Rich caved in and agreed to help.

They cracked open the tape case… I stood look-out while Mike and Rich ran back and forth across this street holding the tape ends and wrapping around street signs. It seemed to take forever and I yelled at them to hurry up a few times.. Eventually they were done and had a decent web-like structure built blocking off the entrance/exit to the street.

We went back to the X-11. Mike moved the car so that we had a good view, but were not obvious and we waited around for somebody to drive by.. The first car was some guy driving a small sedan. He slowed down as he passed the web and looked at it, but kept on driving.

We did not have to wait long for the next car. A middle-aged guy in a big station wagon approached the road and came to a stop as he started to turn in. He looked at the web through his windshield and must have figured out what it was, or he just didn’t care. He pushed down on his gas pedal and slowly drove right through it!

I think Mike was a bit disappointed. I still really don’t know what he had hoped to accomplish with the prank. He was just bored with time to kill and enjoyed messing with people’s minds! Rich thought it was cool and enjoyed it with a cigarette and a laugh. I just kind of shook my head and grinned.


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