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 30 Mar 2010 @ 3:41 AM 

train Well… Once upon a time, Mike and I were driving down Huntley Road coming from Schrock road. There was a lot of traffic and it was a late summer day. There is a set of very seldom used railroad tracks that cross Huntley Road and go into a building dock area for mass transit of goods. Mike was driving his Chevrolet Nuclear X-11 Citation; the one with the Public Address system in it…

As we approached the tracks, Mike grabbed the mic for the P.A. system and tossed it to me. I pressed the button on the mic and started making train noises… chug-a-lugga chug-a-lugga.. (No train whistles, just making the noise of the engine.. It sounded pretty realistic!)

I kept making train noises until Mike laughed and yelled for me to stop. A guy had stopped before the tracks and was looking up and down the tracks for a train. The confused look on his face as Mike and I drove past him was priceless!


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 29 Mar 2010 @ 10:43 PM 

I still miss Mike so much. Dawg is not well and I was snuggling with her on her pillow and singing our songs to her “You Are My Sunshine” and “Jesus Loves Me” and I just started crying… And I feel bad for crying because Mike hated it when I cried. I Love him so still….

Tags Categories: Stories Posted By: tree
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