07 Apr 2017 @ 8:28 AM 

This may be one of those ‘had to be there’ moments — Whenever I need a laugh, I can think back to a summer day when Mike and I were stopped at a traffic light at 161 & Karl Rd.

It is a long light and we had just pulled up to it when Mike noticed a guy in his car stopped opposite us; going the other direction. He had his window down and was swiping at the air in his best attempts to prevent a bee from coming into his car.

Mike thought it would be funny to start waving at the guy while he was waving at the bee. So, I honked the horn a few times and Mike and I shouted and waved ‘Hello’ at the guy. While he was frantically swiping at the bee, he paused long enough to look at us with this weird, quizzical look… and then he waved back! He went back to fighting the bee and the light changed. As Mike and I drove away, we had a good laugh about our success in getting him to wave at us while fighting off the bee!


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