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Mike & Moe & The UFO


OK, this is a true story although I’m fuzzy about exactly when it happened since I didn’t write anything down when it happened. I’ve told this story numerous times, but here it is in print for the first time.

In the summertime sometime in the very late 80’s or early 90’s, Mike & I were driving back from Campus around 4:30pm or so. We’d been down to Singing Dog Records and Magnolia Thunderpussy to buy some music.. It was a bright, sunshiney day.

Mike was driving his black Chevy Citation X-11 that had a sunroof. This is the car that had the nuclear symbols on it… We were driving back from the OSU Campus area and I believe that we were on High Street. At least, it was a double laned road with some parked cars..

At some point, I noticed that there was a craft hovering directly above the street in front of us. It was black and had a large, long central piece with wings at the very rear. There were a few lights along the bottom of craft. They were dim blue lights of a small rectangular shape, but it was mostly dark metal looking. It was making no sound and did not move. The lights did not blink.

The traffic began acting really strange in front of us. Mike had not noticed the craft and started complaining about the idiot drivers in front of us. I told Mike that there was some sort of weird craft in the sky and he was like “Yeah, right.. it’s a helicopter or something” without looking up.

I told him that the traffic was freaking out because of the craft and told him to look up in the sky. We were getting closer to it and it was casting a shadow over the street. People were swerving in front of us as they noticed it. Mike said that he couldn’t look up because people were acting so freaky. We were in a decent amount of traffic and going faster than everyone else (which was not unusual with Mike driving).

As we approached the thing, I grew more and more distressed as I realized that it was not a balloon or anything that I’d ever seen before. I would estimate that it was only about 600 or 700 ft off of the ground. It did not seem like it was very far above the top of the 2 & 3 story buildings. It was at least 300 ft long and maybe wider than that from wing to wing.

I yelled at Mike to look up, but he still refused. We started to pass underneath it. I remember yelling at Mike that we were going directly underneath it. I turned around in my seat and stared up through the sunroof glass at the thing expecting to be zapped on board at any second. I saw no markings on it that would indicate its manufacturer or origin. I could not tell how it was propelled or how it could just hang in there in the air. All the while, I am trying to get Mike to look up, but he’s 100% focused on driving and ignores me.

Finally, there was a break in the traffic and Mike hit the gas and we zoomed away from the craft. I watched it hang motionless there for another 4 or 5 seconds until it was no longer in sight. The whole incident only took like 2 or 3 minutes.

To Mike’s credit, he did expertly navigate us through some extremely difficult traffic that day, but he never looked up and never saw the craft. Over the years, I chided him repeatedly for not looking up or being able to corroborate my story.

Mike & I told people about my “crazy sighting” over the next several days and I believe that Mike’s step-mom, Joan, mentioned that she’d heard something sometime in the following few days about people seeing an unidentified flying object. Throughout the following years, I watched a lot of UFO shows and kept my eye out for anything that looked close to what I had seen. I was unable to find a good likeness until recently…

UFO Over Wisconsin

UFO Over Wisconsin

In late September of 2004, Jeff Plath in Waupaca, WI took the picture that is attached to this posting. It is the closest picture to what I saw that day and is the only picture of this specific type of UFO that I have come across…

Mike always laughed when I told this story. He seemed perfectly happy that he had not looked up when I was going crazy babbling about some UFO in the sky!

a.k.a. Moe

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  1. tree says:

    Mike told me this story so many times! He was so proud of that car!

  2. tree says:

    He told me about that car and how he would take it up to the mall and freak people out!

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