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 27 Oct 2007 @ 8:23 PM 

sorry it’s been so long


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and healthy. It has been a while since I’ve hit this site but I think about Mikie every single day. It is good to see his face and hear his voice on this site. I miss him so much as I know you all do. The holidays are coming up quick again and I don’t know how to contact his parents or even if I should…

I love you all for keeping this alive for Mike. I don’t know who all of these weird peeps are with their websites being posted on his site but I guess that happens.

Thank you Moe for keeping this site up. You were his best friend, he loved you. I love you as well.


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  1. maca says:

    I come to this site often, that’s how I still feel connected with all of his friends. It always makes me feel better. Thank you all!

  2. Moe Green says:


    The weird peeps are signing up for spam purposes. I disabled posting for new users a few months ago…

    I would like to spend some time to move to a different forum software to help eliminate the spammer problem and make it more of a website instead of just a forum. Maybe in 2008….

    It’s good to see that a few folks still visit. I think of things to post often and just have to find time to write up the stories.. Smile


  3. maca says:

    I really appreciate all you efforts dear Moe for keeping this place alive.
    Thank you once again for being here for all of a us!

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