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 26 Aug 2009 @ 9:21 PM 

The deer


Spending as much time with Mike as I did growing up, I have a lot of stories about him. I think that one of my favorites though was the story of the deer. The summer we were 14, Mike spent a lot of time at my house. He had set me up with one of his friends, and so they were constantly there, and when Pete would go home, Mike would hang around.
One particular night, Mike was staying for dinner before my parents took him home. My dad asked Mike to build a fire. My dad had a thing about keeping the firewood in the garage, so it wouldn’t get too wet to use. Now my dad is a practical joker, and loves to play tricks on people. He is also a hunter, and had been out the day before and shot a deer. The deer was hanging, skinned, just the other side of the door inside the garage. I will never forget the look on Mike’s face when he opened the garage door, turned on the light and saw the skinned deer hanging there. I don’t think people are supposed to be that shade of green. It was one of those rare times when someone pulled something over on Mike before he could do it to them.

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  1. tree says:

    Great story! I’m glad you finally found the site. Please email me anytime.

  2. Rose says:

    WoW! that is to good! My granda did that to me with a skinned rabit…it scared me

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