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 07 May 2006 @ 5:51 AM 




I went to Franklin Park Conservatory’s Butterfly Exhibt with our friend Ravi and sprinkled some of Mike’s ashes. He loved that place. I do still want to go to Innis but it’s hard. I would like to give everyone a little vial of Mike’s ashes to do with as they think best.

I do still intend to go to Innis and have the memorial, but i’ts hard to say when. We would go there all year long. I don’t know when I will be able to do that. I’m sorry. I miss him and love him every day of my life.

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  1. Moe Green says:

    I understand.. It’s hard.. You will know when the time is right and there is no hurry or pressure.

    It’s been a year since my dad passed and I haven’t really done much in the way of changing things or removing his possessions… It has been several years since my uncle, Curtis, passed away and my Aunt is just now beginning to release some of his possessions.. As an example, she told me that she just recently gave away a pouch of chewing tobacco that Curtis had opened before he died. She gave it to a fella that chewed tobacco and was too broke to buy any for himself.

    Everything holds its own significance.. I like the idea of the small vial of ashes. It would definitely hold its own special meaning to me.


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