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 10 May 2006 @ 6:48 PM 

Mike’s wonderful heart


I met Mike in Jan 2002. Summer 2002 he did something that made me know I loved him.

He had found an add in Ironton for an X-11 for sale (his favorite car, God only knows why), but he had a master plan. The plan was for me to dress very sexy-sophisticated to intimidate/distract the salesguy. Anyway, the car was a piece of crap, so he didn’t buy it. He almost bought another car though that had naked ladies painted all over it, but it had a bee’s nest in it, so he changed his mind.

The sweet part is that my Grandmother (Mamu) is buried in Ironton. We stopped at the Hart’s and bought some flowers to plant at her grave. After we checked out the crappy cars, we found the cemetery. It was HOT AS HELL that day, and my dumb ass did not bring a shovel. Mike and I had to use a tire iron to dig the holes to plant the flowers at my Mamu’s grave! We had to rinse off in the drinking fountain.

Once it was done and we were back on the road, I broke down. Mike pulled off to the side of the road and just held me and cried with me. He didn’t know how hard that was for me. When I knew that he would do that for me, that is when I knew that I was in love with him.

The picture that is attached is from Christmas 2005. Mike did not feel well. I had made decorations for my Grandparents graves, and he was totally there for me. We drove to Ironton again and decorated the graves. Mike took the pics and he was very proud of the one of the little girl, which is an excellent photograph. Mike was a very good photographer even if he didn’t know it.

He is such a beautiful man…

this is the pic that Mike took in the cemetary.

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  1. Moe Green says:

    Wow! What a cool pic!!

    Totally cool.


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