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 07 May 2006 @ 5:31 AM 

How I Met Mike…


I tried to post this before, but it didn’t work. I hate this techno bullshit! By the way, I have a big box of technology in the trunk of my car and a LOT of CD’s if anyone wants them. Consider me the Library of Mike…

Anyway, I wanted to tell the story of me and Mike meeting. If this did post already, I am sorry. Again, I don’t know how this works. I would love to post some pics but I don’t know how…

It was early January 2002 and I was at Rosie O’Grady’s hanging out with my friend Ken who was bartending. This REALLY cute guy wearing a Seahawks sweatshirt, hat, and glasses bought me a drink and started talking to me. He told me his name was Mike Hitlow… His pickup line was “You are so soft and pretty I just want to kiss you.” So I did. We ended up making out on the patio, which was closed, but that didn’t make any difference to Mike.

The next weekend I was there and Ken was working the back bar. I went back to talk to him and there sat this guy wearing a dress shirt, tie, no glasses. I told him that he looked really familiar to me. Ken is laughing his ass off! I said “Are you related to Rob Wuebker?”. Mike’s mouth dropped! Someone had finally busted his “Hitlow” personna! I did not recognize him because of the glasses and the hat, as the guy I made out with the previous weekend. I recognized him because I had graduated with his brother Rob!

Once he knew he was busted and we figured out who each other were, we got to talking about all the people we had in common growing up in the Ridge. He was very impressed that a chick had explored the same sewer system as he did and found the end of that system. And we both had scars from falling off the bar on our previous trist on the patio which we had to compare.

That was the beginning of our beautiful love affair…

Sorry for the chick flick post…

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  1. maca says:

    Beautiful story Tree, one of the most beautiful stories I have ever heard!

  2. tree says:

    I love you because Mike loved you. And now that I have talked to you, I love as well.

  3. maca says:

    The story you have told me is definitely unusual and emotional. I like it very much. I am glad that you and I are now friends. I am not sure that Mike’s friends know who I am, but, anyway, I am here with you for the same reason – we all loved him very much. I also need to add to being your friend means a lot to me and I hope this won’t change.

  4. Moe Green says:

    Great story Tree! Hi Maca!

    …The message topic made me try to remember meeting Mike. I think that I vaguely remember the first time that we met. I was 16 and working at the Pizza Hut phone center and Mike got a job there.

    I don’t think that he was even 16 yet. He was driving his old blue Chevy Citation hatchback that he owned before he got the black Citation X-11 that eventually had the nuclear symbols on it.

    If I recall, he drove up and parked in a spot that was not a parking spot.. like on the grass or sidewalk area, got out, and introduced himself as a new employee. Over the course of the next few weeks, Mike befriended everyone that was cool that was working at the place.

    We had lots of fun at that job and were always doing something to amuse ourselves & others while annoying the supervisors. I’ll post a separate thread on the Pizza Hut days sometime in the future. I’m sure that our friend, Lance, has some Pizza Hut memories too.


  5. y2kbird says:

    ok i guess i knew him loger then you all, but prolly not better then don, I met him when his Dad had just seprated from his mom, think mike was about 14 at the time. and being i was 17-18 maybe 18-19 and 6’7 and 250 lbs, someone suggested me to help his pops move, cuz i was big, i was always roped into the helping people move thing. anyway i see this skinny kid with what looked like a permanent (hair do thingy). he had a few smart allecky remarks, and knew then we would get along. when we were late teens early twenties, how we enjoyed, the throwing and passing of the football game we played,, what it was , was this, I used to have a great throwing arm and he used to be a fast runner, so the game was, i would give him a headstart and he would take off as fast as he could , and I would throw the football as far as i could and he would try to catch up to it,, which he usually did , 50 yards down the feild,, he always said, we should be a QB , WR combo on some team, and toast all the defensive players, course we were 15-20 years younger.

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