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 20 Apr 2006 @ 3:18 PM 

Sneaky Mike and the interception trick


Hey everyone. Thought I would start things off by posting a message on the topic of 4th and Inches, a game that Mike (and a lot of his friends) use to love to play (and cheat) in.

Mike had a real passion for winning games of all kinds. A passion that drove him to “bend the rules in his favor” quite frequently (although he would deny this if you asked) and lead to the nickname “Sneaky Mike”.

Some would see this as a cut on Mike. I certainly do not mean it that way. It was part of Mike’s personality. A part of his personality that pissed me off at times and yet somehow endeared him to us all.

You all know where I’m coming from. The lovable cheater.

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  1. Moe Green says:

    4th & Inches on the Commodore 64/128! We all obsessed about the game for awhile. Terry & I even started keeping our own stats for the games that we played.

    Mike was good at several aspects of the game. His favorite offensive play was the Post play across the middle. He’d call that play and his QB, Jim Zorn, would hit his receivers (either Andre Rison or Sneaky Mike.. I think Sneaky Mike played on both offense and defense for his team (Team Hitlow)).

    Jay — Obviously Mike wasn’t offended by the Sneaky Mike moniker because I clearly recall him inserting himself into his team and using that name for the player that represented himself. I might even have an old roster around somewhere with a list of his players..

    But Mike’s strong competitive nature & his love of finding an advantage of any kind allowed him to find an exploit in the 4th & Inches game. Either when intercepting the ball and running it back or hitting a long pass play, if you wiggled the joystick at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT, you could cause the “screen to blink”. This put your player about 20 yds ahead of the closest defender and was a guaranteed touchdown!!

    Mike used the “screen blink” technique to infuriate me several times! There was no way to prevent it & I believe that I failed in my attempt to legislate that we ban the move from gameplay.

    aka Moe

    4th & Inches on the net:

  2. jmayhorn says:

    That’s right, the screen blink! ROFL – that’s a blast from the past. Mike was a master as finding the loopholes.

    I thought we DID ban it!

    Gusro’s Gusroos “Quick out to victory”

  3. tree says:

    he would never play euchre with me because he said it was a “cheater’s game”. fucker. i love him…

  4. Moe Green says:

    heh.. That was something that Mike & I always agreed on: Euchre is a game of stacked cards!

    Mike always just called it a “cheater’s game”. I always just shake my head in mock disgust and say “Play with a full deck, ya looneys!”


  5. jmayhorn says:

    Euchre is a great game. You’re high! Much better than poker.

    Texas hold em’ is the single most boring card game ever invented. Euchre is a team game that requires a lot of quick thinking, strategy and insight into your partner’s tendencies. Poker is mostly a game of luck and acting that really only requires beer, cigars and money to lose with.

    I like losing a little money, drinking some beer and smoking a good cigar every now and then – you know that. But don’t tell me that, as a pure game, poker (in ANY variation) is better in any way to euchre. Bah.

    poker is to checkers
    what euchre is to chess.

    More people play and enjoy checkers for it’s mindless hours of fun. But lets face it – chess is a much better game.

  6. tree says:

    Poker is luck of the draw, euchre requires strategy and teamwork! The smart man’s card game!


  7. jmayhorn says:

    What Mike probably meant to tell you was the euchre was too hard to cheat at – not that it was a cheaters game! Mike only liked games where the odds of his succeeding at cheating were high.

    Mike always prided himself on being a good cheater, but the funny thing is that we ALL knew when he was doing it!

    I miss him.

    Mike reminded me a little of Wile E. Coyote. Always funny to observe. Always trying to pull off that next big stunt with his ACME bag o’ tricks. I often found myself rooting for him to get away with whatever it was he was trying to get away with.

  8. tree says:

    He always rooted for the bad guy to get away on Cops or Police Chases too!

  9. jmayhorn says:

    Too funny.

    He always wanted to be a bad guy. Problem was that he was just too damn nice to be good at it.

    If Mike had a single bad bone in his body, his pranks would have pissed me off. Fact was that he was just too amusing to get mad at.

    Mike was an all-star ass-kisser also. He laid it on too thick most of the time for me to believe any of it, but I liked hearing it anyway.

    Regrets regrets. I wish I could have known. I would have spent another year hangin’ with Mike.

    (I’m getting weepy now – gotta roll)

  10. y2kbird says:

    The screen blink, if there was an olympics for it he would get a gold medal, and dont forget about the corner of the eye joystick watching,, hell we made a song about,,”joystick watchign , he is a joystick watching, watching me pick the plays all day long”, of course jon was the biggest watcher but mike did it alot too..

    BTW i have a pic i will find over the weekend and post, of sneaky mike in action.

    I had this game called super karts, just a go cart racing game, and no matter what mik edid he could never beat me. I wuold leave the room to hit the head or get a drink, and he wuold actually take my joystick and move the buttons around so that they worked in reverse, so when we started the race i would take off backwards or hit the breaks instead of gas,,, allthough I would allways catch him and pass him.. Good ‘ol Sneaky Mike

  11. ezm0ney says:

    Anyone that believes euchre is better than poker is playing with 1/2 a deck in more ways than one. You hear about million dollar euchre games all the time. NOT!!!!

    MIke definetly was the lovable cheat. It was definetly WAY too funny to get pissed about!

  12. Moe Green says:

    Actually, I think that Mike disliked Euchre because everyone that played it
    was better at cheating at the game than he was! heh heh!!

    Poker vs Euchre… Now that’s funny stuff! I think Euchre is more like
    Crazy 8s.. They’re both looney!!


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