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 03 May 2006 @ 11:09 PM 

Mike & Moe at Champs Bar in L.A.


Here’s one that you might enjoy..

Mike, Terry, & I went to L.A. in the summer of ’98 to visit Terry’s cousin, Tommy, and see our friend John. We stayed at a place called the Safari Inn.

One of the nights that we were there (I think it was a Sunday night…), Mike & I wanted to hit a bar and chill for a bit. So, we looked some places up that were nearby and decided on a sports bar called Champs. How can you go wrong with a bar named Champs?

John drove us to the bar and dropped us off. Mike & I went in and got some drinks and shot some pool. There wasn’t many people in the place. The bartender was a middle-aged lady.

After about an hour or so, the place begins to fill up with people and Mike & I began to notice that the only woman in the joint was still the bartender… There’s about 20 dudes in the place and we see some Latino dudes over by the phone get ‘touchy feely’ with each other. Mike leans over to me and says.. “Uh, Don… I think we’re in a gay bar..” Without missing a beat, I said “Yeah, well just remember… You’re My Bitch!”

He looked at me funny for half a second and then busted out laughing and I joined him! I talked him into calling us a cab and while we waited around some dudes came over and hit on us… offering to take us to Universal Studios, etc. and ‘show us around’. We were polite to the dudes and took their phone number, but it had to be painfully obvious to them that we were totally straight and had wondered into the wrong bar! We got out of there as quick as possible and Terry & John had big laughs about it when we got back to the Safari Inn.

I don’t know if the bar was like that all of the time, or if we just showed up on the wrong night. I checked it out on the net and it gets good reviews as a sports bar, so it might have just been gay night.

Champs Sports Pub in L.A. – Doesn’t look like a gay bar…

aka Moe Green

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  1. y2kbird says:

    lol, thats gay,,,,

    from the movie “40 year old Virgin” = “you know how I know your gay,, you like Coldplay”


  2. Moe Green says:

    Coldplay…? don’t they have that one song about the old movie “Ole Yeller”?

    “Bark at the moon because it shines on you
    and everything you do
    Yeah, it is Ole Yeller”…

    (actual lyrics –> here

    uh… I don’t think that Coldplay had any major hits yet when we were in L.A….. According to your movie, though, they must’ve been played quite frequently on the jukebox of that bar!


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