20 Apr 2006 @ 3:32 PM 

Inside Mike’s Head


I have another one. Mike, as we all know, had a different way of viewing the world. We are talking about the guy that thought football would be much more interesting if there were land mines on the field!

I wish I could have spent a day in Mike’s head. It would have certainly been an interesting trip.

A ‘moment’ I had once with Mike that I will never forget. We had just finished playing a game of tennis. We went back to my house to play some video games.

Mike was thirsty still from the tennis and asked if he could have some water. I had a large orange water container that I use to carry around for tennis.

I said sure, of course.

Mike proceeded to pour water into a glass from my container of somewhere around a gallon of water.

Punchline: He handed ME the glass of water, and started drinking from my thermos!

That’s not normal. But again, it was one of the many compelling reasons to hang with Mike. It was always interesting, never dull when Mike was around.

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  1. Moe Green says:

    OK Jay..

    I’ve thought about this for awhile now. I know what Mike was thinking.

    Mike figured that you would rather drink out of the glass than out of the thermos… So, he gave you the glass!!

    I am positive that in the innerworkings of Mike’s mind that this was perfectly logical. He probably acted all confused when you asked him what the hell he was doing! I can see the confused, good-natured look on his face now…

    I don’t know how I understood some of the strange things that Mike did.. A lot of times it just seemed like we were on the same brain wavelength. Scary — I know!! I guess it is why we were such close friends over the years.

    (deep sigh….)

  2. jmayhorn says:

    You could be right. (probably are right)

    It still illustrates the oddity of Mike that we all loved/were annoyed by.

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