15 May 2006 @ 6:17 PM 

Plank’s Day At The Beach


If you don’t know who Plank is watch Ed, Edd, and Eddie on Cartoon Network. We took him places and took pics. Mike recorded special events in Plank’s life on the back, one of which is the passing of Big Don. He loved that man so much. I wish I could find the other pics at Innis. We took Plank to the movies with us too. Mike was so freakin funny! All he wanted for his birthday last year was a Plank. My Dad helped me make him.

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  1. y2kbird says:

    lol planky reminds me of a cartoon called The Tick,, one of my favs, mike watched it alot with me back in the old apartment, well one day the Tick’s sidekick arthur left him, so he made a new side kick, out of a plank, i think he called him wooden boy,, and he took him out on the night watches with him,, looked alot like planky

  2. tree says:

    Oh my God! Mike wanted me to make him a Little Wooden Boy for this past birthday! That’s hilarious! I was trying to add a pic of Plank but my internet is experiencing technical difficulties right now. In the middle of trying to upload the pic it just quit…

  3. Moe Green says:

    I really need to give Ed, Edd, & Eddie another try…

    I’ve tried to watch it before and it just wouldn’t hold my attention.

    Mike tried to describe Plank to me a few times, but I just didn’t get it.


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