02 Jul 2006 @ 1:17 AM 

Attention Dreamers!


Last Sunday night, I was stuck in D.C. because of bad weather.. They cancelled all flights coming into or out of Dulles airport. I managed to get a room at Embassy Suites after hours of waiting around the airport.. I was totally exhausted.

I went to sleep pretty easily. I usually do a decent job of remembering my dreams when I wake up. Dreams are something that Mike & I used to discuss often. Mike often said that he was a good dreamer because he was always in control of his dreams and could pilot them to outcomes like a director making a movie..

Anyway, I had a weird dream last Sunday night/morning… In the dream, I was in Westerville, Ohio and something had happened to cause the dead to rise from the grave, but instead of normal zombies, they were like punk rocker zombies. weird, I know..

They had taken over a large section of land between Huber Village & Westerville Rd (where the Bob Evans is) and Dempsey & Westerville Rd (where the Shell gas station used to be).. My friends were on the other side of Bob Evans and I had to fight my way through the Zombie Punkers to get to them so that I could take them to safety… There were army men running around fighting the masses of zombie punkers which kept them busy enough for me to sneak through to the other side. When I made it to my friends, I woke up.

Ok.. So what does this have to do with Mike, right? Well, Mike was a huge fan of the ‘Living Dead’ movies.. He made me watch several with him and our old friend, Rich, even though I never really had the enthusiasm for the movies that him & Rich did..

Suffice it to say, this is not a normal dream that I would have.. I haven’t seen or thought of a zombie movie in a long time and there was nothing that I remember from the previous several days that’d trigger a zombie related dream. When I awoke from the dream, I thought about how weird it was and thought about how much Mike would have enjoyed a dream like this..

Here’s where I go off the beaten path… I think that Mike was somehow responsible for this dream… Like, he was playing around in the after-life and figured out a way to tap into my dreams… It would be just like him to decide that it would be cool to send me a ‘Living Dead-like’ dream.

I am hesitant to say with certainty that the dream had to have been influenced by Mike, but it definitely had all the markings of Mike Wuebker production!!

Has anyone else had a similar experience? If you have trouble remembering your dreams, you can train yourself to remember them by using a dream log. Keep a pad & paper near your bed & write down the dreams as soon as you wake up. They will fade quickly, so you have to be fast!!

Maybe Mike might send you a dream.. Hmmm, Mike The Sandman… Pretty weird, eh?


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  1. tree says:

    I have noticed having some pretty vivid crazy dreams lately myself! Last night I actually got to kiss Mike. I could actually feel it… He always loved the action hero dreams though. I wouldn’t put it past him to influence our dreams. Sounds like him to give you a zombie dream. Hehe.

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