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 08 Sep 2006 @ 9:57 PM 

The Origins of Hitlow – The D&D Character


Hitlow was an insane, evil wizard, but he didn’t necessarily start out that way when Mike first began playing him… In one of our earliest Dungeons & Dragons sessions, the players came upon a temple of Merrika. Merrika was an evil goddess that controlled rain and had power over waters. The temple was not guarded very heavily and the players made their way inside with the intent of looting the place of any treasure.

During some brief skirmishes with some of the priests and worshippers, the group split up. Hitlow went his own way and soon came across a display of a necklace of golden peas and corn.

Being a greedy character, Hitlow quickly grabbed the necklace. Unfortunately, it was cursed! He was paralyzed, stupidified, and crippled. The paralysis was only temporary… but the negative effects to his main attributes (-4 to intelligence, wisdom, agility, strength, etc.) were permanent!

Hitlow remained in a confused, semi-intelligent state for several weeks. Eventually, he felt drawn to the main Temple of Merrika. The journey to the main temple was long and Hitlow faced several perilous situations along the way. Somehow, he prevailed and was taken in by the temple priests.

The high priestess took pity on Hitlow and prayed to Merrika to remove the curse. Merrika removed the curse, but instilled a fierce loyalty to her within him. Hitlow would serve as her unwitting messenger of evil by striking fear into the hearts of men in her name!

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