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 02 Oct 2006 @ 7:26 AM 

My Halloween Present


I found a tiny black kitty in the window well of our apartment building yesterday. She and Dawg are getting along just fine, except Dawg thinks every food dish in the house is hers… I think Mike left her for me for Halloween. He knew I’ve always wanted a cat, and he loved cats. I’ve named her Miss Kitty in keeping with family tradition. I didn’t want Dawg to get upset that the cat got a real name and she didn’t… =)

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  1. Moe Green says:


    Mike was always good about finding strays and getting them a home…

    I’m pretty sure that is how one of his favorite cats, T.C., came to
    live with him. Or, at least, that was the story that he told so that he was allowed to keep him! (grin)

    You’ll have to post a picture of Miss Kitty when you get a chance.


  2. di says:

    Hi Everyone,

    The Emrick Family was sure missing Mike on Thanksgiving. I am always missing him but Thanksgiving he would always come by and we talked about missing his visit.

    That weekend a cat appeared at our door. Orange and White with a face just like TC. The girls made a bed for it and have been feeding it. Our Cat Carli chases it out of the house but it still keeps sticking around.

    Ava said “It looks like TC, maybe Mike sent her to us.” Ava named her Mia.

    This was before I read the post about Teresa’s Halloween Present.


  3. tree says:

    How sweet! Mike was always dropping off animals somewhere. Must be the kids Christmas present. Miss Kitty is getting so big and she is such a terror! She’s adorable though.

    I thought of you all on Thanksgiving, I hope it was a good one. I missed Mike too.

    Christmas is going to be even harder… I’ll be thinking of you all.

  4. Moe Green says:

    If anyone gets the Boomerang channel, (cartoon channel 297 on DirecTV), they are playing some of the old Top Cat cartoons on a regular schedule…

    Whenever I happen to catch one, I think of Mike & T.C… Bob once told me that T.C. meant “Top Cat” and I never made the connection to the cartoon until I heard the theme song!


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