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 11 Jan 2007 @ 9:40 AM 



Today is my 38th birthday! I got to remembering what Mike did for me last year. I got home from work and he had candles on the kitchen table and little flowers. He had made a “menu” for “Mike’s Bistro”. He made me grilled chicken salad for dinner with fruit in a champagne glass. He had called my mother that day so she could tell him how to make me a cake. We didn’t have a cake pan so he used pie dishes to make it. It was the ugliest, most beautiful cake I have ever seen! He loved me better than I have ever been loved by anyone!

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  1. maca says:

    Happy birthday dear Tree!
    I had a happy tear in my eye reading your post about your last birthday with Mike. Sweet and sad.
    I wish you good health and all the happiness I can imagine!

  2. Moe Green says:

    Happy B-day, Tree! 111 all over again!

    The ugly/beautiful pie-pan cake made me chuckle! Thanks for that! (grin)

    Mike always made it a point to remember birthdays. He’d often call me to remind me that someone’s birthday was coming up…

    I think it was when I turned 17 or 18 (my memory ain’t so good..heh) that he bought me a cake that said “Happy Birthday from Vinnie Da Fish”.

    Just being silly one day, we made up a ficitional character named Vinnie Da Fish that was like a Tony Soprano mobster-like dude. We used to carry on with our nonsense and talk about Vinnie like he was real… We’d talk about him just in passing and play off of each other’s questions and stories… I’m sure that some people that heard us talking had to have thought that he was real dude… Anyway, Mike suprised me with the Vinnie Da Fish cake.. I don’t know how I managed to explain it to my mom!!


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