29 Mar 2007 @ 12:52 PM 

Mike’s IRC Sound File


It has been a long year.

One thing that I have grown to appreciate about Mike was his great ability to just pass the time. Whether it was just sitting around and shooting the breeze, playing a video game, or watching a TV show like The Simpsons. Mike made time go by ‘quickly’ by his mere involvement.

For sure.. a long year..

We used to hang out a lot on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) back in the day. Mike picked a funny, but strange quote from The Simpsons as his sound. Every time that he would come online, the quote would play over my speakers. I have attached the .WAV file. WinAMP, Mediaplayer, or any decent MP3 player will play it.


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  1. tree says:


    It’s been so hard this year without my baby. I have done my best to move on and be happy like Mike wanted. I was with EZ for several months but we don’t talk anymore, I’m not sure why. I’ve been with a guy I met who lives in my complex. His name is Troy. Mike would like him. He treats me like a princess. I miss Mike every day. His birthday is coming up this Saturday. Hard days to get through, but it’s easier with people who loved him. Thank you. Call me sometime 371-3804. I love you Moe.

  2. tree says:

    I miscalculated, his birthday would be this coming Wednesday. He would have been 35…. God I miss him.

  3. maca says:

    Today would be Michael’s birthday, it’s been a year, I still can’t believe he is not with us!

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